The room Scooter is driven by the movement. This can be required for two ways: on the front side pedals and moving again. In Area.
Very easy to fold so you can certainly store throughout the trip. This also causes it to be a perfect means of travel for short and medium distances. Because the mobility scooter is suited to a weight of approximately 80 kilograms, not simply for children but also for young adults. This kind of allows whole family can use the spatial model Scooter. They have handbrake, drive system Super Silent (2 in 1).
Suitable era: from 8.
Tires: 2 x 8 inches
Optimum weight: 90 kg.
Materials: steel, aluminum.
Folded measurements: 88 x 33 centimeter approx.
Dimensions unfolded: around 97-105 x 48 times 88 cm.



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